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    Tourism ‘flat’ in Falls


    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    It could be better. It could be worse.

    But with the peak season of tourism upon us, the general consensus among operators is business has been “mediocre” and “flat,” says Niagara Falls Tourism chairman Wayne Thomson.

    “Some of the properties are behind a little bit, or slightly ahead,” he said. “You certainly can’t get away from the U.S. visitors not coming. Everyone knows we have a problem in the U.S. with the economy and problems with respect to employment.”

    Thomson said Americans once made up about 65% of the visitors to Niagara Falls. He said it would be optimistic to think that figure is at 25% now.

    There are also a couple of good quotes from Tim Parker and Harry Oakes.

    I’m not privy to anyone’s sales numbers or guest counts, but based on the number of people I see around, I would have thought this year was up over last year.

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