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    Seal with amputated flipper headed to Niagara Falls aquarium

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    From the San Francisco Chronicle:

    A harbor seal whose rear flipper had to be amputated after being struck by a boat has recovered and is headed to an upstate New York aquarium…

    The injuries make it nearly impossible for the seal to survive in the wild, so center staff arranged to send the animal to the Aquarium of Niagara in Niagara Falls on Friday.

    Geekiness on the Niagara Falls Wine Trail

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    From Wired.com:

    If you had taken the Niagara Wine Trail tour several summers ago, the entrance to the Arrowhead Spring Vineyards would have presented an unexpected image:

    Lots of shiny CDs protecting the precious wine-yielding grapes.

    In a former life, the CDs were beta versions of programs that Robin Ross, co-owner of the winery, tested as part of her job. She had so many, it wasn’t until last year when she finally ran out, so now they’ve been replaced by more mundane strips of shiny foil to keep away the birds who threaten the grape harvest.

    There are sixteen vineyards along with Niagara Wine Trail, all within easy driving distance of one another in scenic upstate New York. We visited two in Lockport, New York, on our Niagara Falls vacation in August, a trip that also included visits to the Niagara Falls Power Vista and Niagara Falls State Park. We also walked the streets of historic Lewiston, New York, and had dinner at a fabulous farm-to-table restaurant there, Carmelo’s. (It says something about the restaurant that I’m still craving their arugula salad and I usually hate salads. It was that good. As good as dessert. Honest.)

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