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    And away… WEGO!

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    From Niagara This Week:

    The replacement for the aging Peoplemover transit system in Niagara Falls now has a name — WEGO.

    The brand is meant to be a fun pairing of the words “we,” meaning friendship and social activity with “go” to emphasize adventure and exploration. The name was unveiled Thursday in a joint statement by the federal and provincial governments, the Niagara Parks Commission and the City of Niagara Falls. The name was chosen, the statement read, because it easily distinguishes the new Niagara Falls Visitor Transportation System from the conventional municipal system.

    “WEGO is another step forward for improving bus service in Niagara Falls,” said Niagara Falls MP and Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson, speaking on behalf of the federal government. “The new system will be a great benefit to the area; it will support the local economy, provide residents and visitors with greater transit options, reduce traffic congestion and support better air quality.”

    New on the new Visitor Transportation System

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    The big news today is that the proposed replacement system for the People Mover system has been approved. The new Visitor Transportation System will shuttle guests to a lot of places around the tourist area and downtown. Here are some links to stories with the details:

    Believe it or not: There really does seem to be a deal on $50-million people mover for Niagara Falls

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    From Bullet News Niagara:

    Niagara Falls council went behind closed doors late Tuesday afternoon for a special meeting to receive an update on the status of the people-mover project – the $50-million transit system for tourists that is being developed in partnership with the Niagara Parks Commission.

    Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati said Tuesday night announcement of the details is imminent and that the two sides are “down to the brass-tacks now.”

    City, NPC closing in on People Mover deal

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Niagara Falls council and the Niagara Parks Commission appear to be closing in on a deal to operate some kind of joint-venture People Mover System, as they face a June 30 deadline to take advantage of $50 million in government assistance or lose it.

    “We’re down to the wire,” Mayor Ted Salci said Tuesday afternoon, a day after councillors authorized him to execute a deal if one can be reached Wednesday. “I haven’t signed anything yet.”

    The authorization council gave the mayor Monday is a sign the city wants to be ready in the event an arrangement is worked out to create a new transit system that will run on both NPCowned property and on city streets in the tourism sector.

    “I’m feeling we should be able to announce something shortly that will bring some smiles to people’s faces.”

    People mover talks progressing

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Talks aimed at creating an integrated people mover system are underway.

    After parting ways more than a year ago, city and Niagara Parks officials are back at the table discussing opportunities to create a single, seamless transit system to link tourist districts with areas currently serviced by the NPC’s familiar green-and-white people movers.

    Formal meetings resumed earlier this month -shortly after the province announced $25 million in funding toward the rubber-tired system proposed by the city. Municipal councillors abandoned the idea of building a monorail system last April.

    The $25 million pledged by the province matches $25 million offered by the federal government back in 2003.

    Niagara Parks general manager John Kernahan and Mayor Ted Salci both say they’re hoping the meetings will lead to an agreement that will allow the city and the commission to move forward together.

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