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    Interactive Titanic museum planned for Niagara Falls

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    From the Toronto Sun:

    An interactive museum that hopes to recreate the experience of sailing on board the Titanic may be coming to Canada.

    A group in Niagara Falls, Ont., has conditionally purchased land that would house the museum and is moving ahead with plans to launch an exhibit dubbed “Experience Titanic.”

    David Van Velzen, who’s spearheading the project, says the museum will differ from many similar efforts around the world by focusing on an interactive audience experience.

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    Falls should ‘definitely’ look at hotel tax

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Niagara Falls should consider levying a new tax on hotel rooms to fund tourism initiatives and take the burden of local ratepayers, says Mayor Jim Diodati.

    “Niagara Falls, N.Y. charges a bed tax in their hotels, and that’s how they fund their tourism,” said Diodati. “Niagara Falls (Ont.) should definitely have a look at that — if it’s allowed, if it’s to be used to market the destination and fund Niagara Falls Tourism, which is the city’s marketing agency for tourism.”

    Documents obtained exclusively by the Toronto Sun show city officials in Toronto have been working for months to get permission from the Ontario government to levy new local taxes, and Premier Kathleen Wynne has already promised Toronto Mayor John Tory — should council approve — a new tax on hotel rooms.

    Niagara Brewing Co. takes the Falls

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    From the Toronto Sun:

    Falls Avenue Resort in Niagara Falls has welcomed the Niagara Brewing Co. to the heart of the city’s tourist district.

    The brand-new craft brewery is on Clifton Hill and offers innovative and refreshing brews crafted in celebration of Canada’s rich brewing heritage, with locally sourced ingredients.

    While visiting Niagara Brewing, guests can indulge in delicious beer on the outdoor patio, pair the brews with tasty appetizers fresh from the brewery’s kitchen, and purchase merchandise from the on-site store.

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    Rights group targets bodies exhibit over possible Chinese prisoners

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    From the Toronto Sun:

    A human rights group is calling for the seizure of plasticised human bodies on display at a Niagara Falls science show, claiming a number of them may be of Chinese people who were imprisoned and killed in that country.

    Marineland’s first beluga dies

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    From the Toronto Sun:

    One of the first beluga whales to call Marineland home has died.

    Beyli died in August from what Marineland says was natural causes due to old age.

    In a statement, Marineland said the whale was close to 40-years-old and “was in excellent health until his passing.”

    Jamie Foxx lays on the charm at Fallsview Casino

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    From the Toronto Sun:

    Highly accomplished Oscar-and-Grammy-winning actor-singer-comedian Jamie Foxx is a student of classical music who began playing piano when he was five years old.

    But you never would have known it from the first of his two back-to-back shows at Fallsview Casino on Wednesday night.

    Aerospace engineer wants to go over Niagara Falls

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    From the Toronto Sun:

    Aerospace engineer Julian Sharpe is so confident in the disaster-proof pod he has invented that he is willing to test it by going over Niagara Falls.

    “I’m aware there are huge restrictions, and it may not even be possible, in which case we would be looking for an alternative waterfall,” said Sharpe, 50, a British inventor who now lives in the United States.

    Niagara Falls is the preferred site for Sharpe’s pod, which is built for people to survive natural disasters.

    Wallenda put Niagara Falls on ‘front burner’, mayor crows

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    From the Toronto Sun:

    Now that Nik Wallenda’s walk across Niagara Falls has come and gone, the city is beginning to digest just how big of an event it was.

    Mayor Jim Diodati said ever since he heard of Wallenda’s proposal he knew the number of eyes on Niagara Falls would be astronomical.

    “We were given a conservative estimate of 410 million (people),” he said.

    On Saturday, Diodati revealed that Enigma Research Corp., the same company hired to track crowds for the Winter Festival of Lights and the Shaw Festival, estimated one billion people witnessed Wallenda’s walk.

    “The potential for this was enormous and we achieved our full potential. The stars aligned perfectly,” Diodati said. “I think what we’ve effectively done is moved the falls from the back burner to the front burner on people’s to-do and bucket lists.”

    Niagara’s 50 great experiences

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    Note: This isn’t just about Niagara Falls. It mentions some things to do in Niagara Falls, and the entire Niagara Region.

    From the Toronto Sun:

    There are many reasons why Niagara is a great place to live.

    Plenty to see, plenty to do.

    And while the region offers stand-out wonders that attract thousands, if not millions, of tourists each year, it’s the hidden gems and historic hearts of the municipalities that truly make Niagara special.

    It was quite the task to narrow down a list to only 50 places, “things” and community staples that make the region its uniquely-wonderful self.

    Here’s the list, in alphabetical order, of things and places that help make Niagara pop.

    Top 10 Canadian sights to see

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    From the Toronto Sun (including pictures):

    Niagara Falls, the Canadian Rockies and the CN Tower top Canadians list of the country’s “must-see” destinations, according to a survey by Transitions Optical Inc. and Leger Marketing.

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