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    Give us back our big baby: Marine park in bizarre tug-of-love case over 17-foot killer whale

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    From the UK Daily Mail:

    Two theme parks are waging an international custody dispute in court – over a 17-foot killer whale.

    SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, is demanding the return of Ikaika, a two-tonne, captive-born orca that it sent to Marineland in Niagara Falls, Canada, in 2006.

    But Marineland has defied the call – and a judge’s order – and insisted that Ikaika stays, dismissing SeaWorld’s claim that the mammal was only a temporary loan and branding the dispute ‘unfortunate’.

    This is actually one of the longer articles I’ve seen about this. There are also a few nice pictures included with the article.

    Theme Park Maps/Brochures

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    I came across a web site called Theme Park Brochures. They post brochures and maps of theme parks (obviously). There is only one thing from Niagara Falls that I can see, and that is a map from 1999 from Marineland. You know, for all of the complaining that we do about how little Marineland does, compared to 10 years ago, there have been a lot of changes. There are new kids rides, Skyscreamer, and the new whale habitats. Not bad!

    Anyway, check out the site for the Marineland map and more of your favourite theme parks…

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