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    Despite 8 million tourists, Niagara Falls taxis and liveries fight to survive

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    From the Buffalo News:

    Driving a taxicab in a city that welcomes more than eight million tourists a year might seem like a lucrative business – and that might have been true at one time.

    But today, owners of taxi and livery companies in Niagara Falls are battling over a piece of a shrinking pie.

    Most tourists who come to Niagara Falls arrive either by car or in tour buses, studies have long shown, and have no need for a cab. And many of the major hotels operate shuttles for their guests.

    State and local governments even fund a hop-on, hop-off shuttle that connects downtown Niagara Falls to Fort Niagara in Youngstown, and that hits all of the major stops along the Niagara River.

    And now, since June 29 with the state’s legalization of ride-hailing services, private vehicle owners who sign up with Uber and Lyft have been able to join the competition.

    Over Niagara Falls, and back again << 853

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    Someone with a WordPress blog has posted about a recent trip to Niagara Falls:

    My second major goof came at Niagara Falls – but in the end, it turned out not to matter. I’d chosen to stay on the US side to catch this morning’s train; had successfully negotiated the border (through the door marked “pedestrian entrance to USA”) and, as usual, turned down the offer of a taxi outside the checkpoint, by First Avenue, and walked. And walked. And walked. And walked some more.

    By 27th Avenue, I was exhausted and covered in sweat. Niagara Falls, New York is not a successful resort like its Canadian counterpart – once past the tourist hotels, it’s a beaten-up town, with abandoned buildings and a sense of desolation.

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