Christmas window paintings on Clifton Hill

One of the simple little things that gets done around Christmas time, is the windows of several of the attractions and restaurants on Clifton Hill get painted with a winter and/or Christmas scene. I love them. The people who do them are very talented! Here are some of windows at Boston Pizza, Ripley’s Believe It or…

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Christmas windows painting on Clifton Hill

I’m a little late in posting this… If you have been to Clifton Hill over the last couple of weeks, chances are you’ve noticed windows at a lot of the attractions and stores with photos on them. Probably my favourite is on Boston Pizza. The artist painted pizza slices to look like Christmas trees 🙂

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Clifton Hill Resort Update – June 2009

On Wednesday I received the latest newsletter from the Clifton Hill Resort. Last month was the first newsletter where they mentioned Strike! Rock ‘n Bowl, but it wasn’t mentioned till later in the newsletter. This time it isn’t even mentioned at all. You can subscribe to the Clifton Hill Resort Update newsletter by visiting the…

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