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    Falls, Gorge site tour by USA Niagara a “Fail”

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    From the Niagara Falls Reporter:

    The latest skirmish between the David of the citizens of the city of Niagara Falls and the Goliath of state agencies such as State Parks, USA Niagara and the New York Power Authority, when it comes to waterfront development, appears to have been settled in our favor, at least for now.

    “I am comfortable calling a VICTORY on this,” posted film industry executive and community activist Ken Cosentino on social media late last week, “…there will be no commercialization down in the gorge, and nothing will be constructed that will interfere with the natural environment. All business endeavors will strive to use pre-existing structures; all enterprises will be geared more towards providing equipment rental (such as fishing poles or snowshoes) to tourists in order for them to best enjoy the gorge in its natural state… USA Niagara will respect the resolution passed by our City Council on Monday, July 24th. So, to reiterate, we the people of Niagara Falls, NY have officially preserved the Niagara gorge.”

    New Sign on Parkway shows Cuomo’s Contempt for City, Reporter, Feds

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    From the Niagara Falls Reporter:

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo, through his associates at State Parks and the New York Power Authority, sometime over the past week perpetrated an act of such petty vindictiveness and blatant contempt for Niagara Falls that we thought it appropriate to come up with a special name for his attitude towards us…

    The Dec. 8 issue of the Niagara Falls Reporter hit the newsstands and the internet last Thursday morning. It featured an article headlined “Feds to Cuomo: Parkway Signage out of Compliance”.

    At some point over the succeeding four days, as of 11 am on Monday, Dec. 12, a brand-new, large, obtrusive “motherboard” sign, identical to those that, as we previously reported, have been determined by the Federal Highway Administration to be dangerously distracting and in violation of traffic safety regulations and ordered removed by the agency, was erected along the Robert Moses Parkway as it traverses the Niagara Power Project.

    This story isn’t particularly interesting, other than the fact they are complaining about a highway sign. I think Niagara Falls, NY has a lot to offer, but I don’t think highway signs are their biggest problem.

    NY posts 90 virtual tours of parks, attractions

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    From WPTZ Channel 5 in Plattsburgh:

    New York has posted online more than 90 virtual tours of parks, campgrounds, attractions and other popular destinations.

    Intended to make it easier for tourists to plan outings, the 360-degree, color, panoramic images also link to brief descriptions of the sites, highlights and contact information.

    They range from Jones Beach on Long Island to Niagara Falls at the western edge of the state and Lake George in the Adirondacks.

    Niagara Falls Park unveils improvements

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    From WIVB Channel 4 in Buffalo:

    After a year of construction and millions of dollars spent on rehabilitating Niagara Falls State Park, golden scissors were used to cut a green ribbon, welcoming visitors back to Luna Island.

    Commissioner of State Parks Rose Harvey said, “It’s experienced wear and tear and it needs to be refurbished…revitalized…and that’s what we’re doing.”

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    NYS charges Wallenda $225,000 for walk

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    From WIVB Channel 4 in Buffalo:

    With just days before Nik Wallenda crosses Niagara Falls, the seventh generation daredevil finally has the permission needed from New York State.

    His lawyer, Henry Wojtaszek, said the permits have officially been issued.

    “We had to work along with the state attorneys. They were very responsive, but it does take some time to get the documents together and to get information together,” the attorney explained.

    Permit drafts were sent to Wallenda’s team on three separate occasions in the month of May. News 4 has learned not one of those permits was ever returned to state parks, until the signing on Tuesday in Albany.

    Now, everything is all set for the walk – including the payment to the state. The permit itself costs $50,000 and by Friday, Wallenda’s team must fork over $150,000 for security and other management costs. The state also mandated they keep $25,000 in escrow to pay for any damage to the park.

    Focusing on fixing Falls State Park

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    From the Buffalo News:

    After years of neglect, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations has the full attention of New York State.

    That means $25 million in much-needed improvements to Niagara Falls State Park, the oldest in the nation. It also signals, officials said, a return to the principles of Frederick Law Olmsted — who designed the park — and a pledge to never let it become neglected again.

    The new railings, repaved paths, restored plantings and repaired bridges come one year after the park was criticized by a New York Times travel writer and a nonprofit agency for its lack of maintenance and worn-out appearance.

    “Niagara Falls can’t look shabby,” State Parks Commissioner Rose Harvey said Tuesday at a news conference in the park. “It’s the most visible park in our state system, it’s the most popular, and we needed to address this issue.”

    Wondering about Wallenda costs

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    From the Niagara Gazette:

    They’re close but not quite there yet.

    Officials from the state office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation continued talks Wednesday with representatives from Nik Wallenda’s team on a formal deal to cover security, maintenance and other expenses related to his upcoming tightrope walk across Niagara Falls.

    A state parks official said Wednesday evening no such deal had been signed. The talks also did not produce a formal announcement on an official date for the event, which has been widely speculated as June 15.

    “We haven’t signed anything yet,” state parks spokesperson Angela Berti said.

    Falls Parks: Canada Thrives, U.S. Struggles

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    From WNED-AM 970 NEWS:

    On one side of Niagara Falls, state parks need $85 million in repairs while on the Ontario side millions of dollars are going into renovation of Old Fort Erie and the Laura Secord House.

    WNED’s Mike Desmond talked with the Chairwoman of the Niagara Parks Commission, Fay Booker, about the difference.

    This year, the commission will spend around $100 million (Canadian) on its capital and operating budgets, serving millions of visitors from Fort Erie to Niagara-on-the-Lake.

    The Ontario agency is set up to pay for itself by raising money and keeping it.

    Dedication to mark Falls park’s anniversary

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    From the Buffalo News:

    The yearlong celebration of the 125th anniversary of Niagara Falls State Park — the oldest state park in the nation — will reach a climax on Thursday when State Parks Commissioner Carol Ash dedicates Heritage Park, a refurbished “pocket park” at Main Street and the Robert Moses Parkway, just outside the main park.

    Ash will be joined by relatives of Thomas V. Welch, who was the first superintendent of the state park, for the 1:30 p. m. ceremony.

    July 15, 1885, was the date on which then-Gov. David B. Hill officially opened the park to the public. Once privately owned, the park property had become a state reservation in April 1885 when Hill signed the necessary bond issue.

    Niagara Falls State Park Named Top ‘Green’ Destination in New York

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    From a press release found on Hospitality-1st.com:

    Niagara Falls State Park topped New York’s top ten green travel destinations Monday (April 26) by I Love New York, as part of the state tourism agency’s new “Green Heart NY” promotion initiative.

    “It’s truly fitting that New York’s oldest state park topped the list of green destinations in the year of its 125th anniversary,” said Carol Ash, Commissioner of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. “New York’s state parks are our greenest and greatest treasures, drawing tens of millions of visitors every year – not only because they’re affordable vacation destinations right in our own backyard – but because there’s nothing else like them in the world.”

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