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    New Sign on Parkway shows Cuomo’s Contempt for City, Reporter, Feds

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    From the Niagara Falls Reporter:

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo, through his associates at State Parks and the New York Power Authority, sometime over the past week perpetrated an act of such petty vindictiveness and blatant contempt for Niagara Falls that we thought it appropriate to come up with a special name for his attitude towards us…

    The Dec. 8 issue of the Niagara Falls Reporter hit the newsstands and the internet last Thursday morning. It featured an article headlined “Feds to Cuomo: Parkway Signage out of Compliance”.

    At some point over the succeeding four days, as of 11 am on Monday, Dec. 12, a brand-new, large, obtrusive “motherboard” sign, identical to those that, as we previously reported, have been determined by the Federal Highway Administration to be dangerously distracting and in violation of traffic safety regulations and ordered removed by the agency, was erected along the Robert Moses Parkway as it traverses the Niagara Power Project.

    This story isn’t particularly interesting, other than the fact they are complaining about a highway sign. I think Niagara Falls, NY has a lot to offer, but I don’t think highway signs are their biggest problem.

    Forum focuses on Niagara Falls tourism

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    From the Buffalo News:

    Regional attractions are losing visitors from school field trips because of budget cuts.

    Some signage in downtown Niagara Falls may be either missing or misleading to tourists.

    Shifty tour guides are attempting shakedowns at local attractions.

    And there still is no means of transportation connecting attractions in the Falls to others around Niagara County and the region.

    These were some of the issues and concerns that bubbled up during a tourism forum Monday morning in Earl W. Brydges Library.

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