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    Greg Frewin reaches big milestone

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    From Niagara This Week:

    When Greg Frewin made the move to Niagara Falls approximately seven years ago, he wasn’t sure what to expect. The award-winning illusionist and “world champion of magic” left behind the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to make a new home for himself and his family in Niagara Falls.

    “I loved Vegas, it’s a great place to visit,” he said. “But it’s not the type of environment that I wanted to raise my family in.”

    Instead, the Hamilton-born illusionist made his way to Niagara Falls, setting up shop in one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations. At first, he admits, it was slow going for the dinner-theatre show.

    “We had to work hard to get where we are today,” he said. “It took a while for it to grow.”

    Looking back on his 1,500 shows in Niagara Falls, a milestone he reached on Monday, Oct. 24, Frewin said he remembers most vividly the night they first broke 100 in terms of attendance. His mother, who has since passed away, was on hand at the time, helping her son in the theatre.

    “She was so thrilled and had the biggest smile on her face,” he said. “There were definitely drinks for everyone that night.”

    Sleep Cheap charity nears $1-million mark

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Ten local charities that are being helped this year from the Sleep Cheap Charities Reap fundraiser will be using their money for everything from funding new equipment at the Boys & Girls Club to upgrades to kitchen facilities at the Niagara Falls Community Outreach.

    This year’s event generated $120,444.98, bringing the total amount raised in seven years to just over $830,000.

    Mayor Jim Diodati, who has been the driving force behind the event, said members of the committee who have been working on this project are quite excited because they are closing in on the $1-million mark.

    “Our goal will be to hit it next season. We have already started on coming up with some creative ideas so that we can add some elements of excitement so that we can hit the big mark.”

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