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    Niagara Falls salutes Elvis, his actual band

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    From the London Free Press:

    The summer of Elvis sightings continues, shifting to Niagara Falls, in what would have been the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s” 75th birthday year.

    The Niagara Falls Elvis Festival will attract 25 “tribute artists” from next Thursday through Sunday (Aug. 19-22).

    With an outdoor venue having the Falls as the dramatic backdrop and indoor events, the festival is put on by Niagara-area native William Maurice, an Elvis tribute artist and his company, Universal Media Group International.

    Being presented in “the world’s most spectacular place,” the festival pays tribute to the anniversary of Elvis’ birth, he said. Expected to attract 4,000 to 6,000 people, it occurs 33 years after Elvis’ death.

    What’s important is “the Elvis factor” — that is the “fans that travel extensively throughout the world to relive the life and times of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Maurice said.

    Gumball 300 car rally coming to Niagara Falls

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    This comes from a press release I received from the Skylon Tower:

    Look out…. ‘the world’s most rock ‘n roll car rally ever staged’ is coming to the Skylon Tower Niagara Falls, Canada!

    On Saturday, May 1 the flag will drop at Waterloo Place on the Pall Mall in London following a day of celebrity entertainment, celebrations and skateboard demo by legend Tony Hawk and his skate team. From London the 3000 mile route begins… [with] stopovers in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Stockholm. From Sweden all 120 vehicles and participants are flown to North America to continue their journey stopping in Boston, Quebec and Toronto, before a pit stop and lunch at the Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls. From Niagara Falls they’ll head directly to the finish line in Times Square, New York City.

    You can read the full press release here.

    Also, here are some helpful links:

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it down. My wife is out of town and I’ll have 3 small children with me. I’d end up losing one of them in the crowd!

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