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    An old Ontario map showing Niagara Falls

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    At the same store where I saw the old Niagara Falls panorama from 1913, I saw this old map.


    They had a small area of the larger map that was specifically for the Niagara area.


    It’s interesting to see that there were traffic circles on the QEW at that point. What would become Highway 420 was built at that point, but was not called by that name. it wasn’t until into the late 60’s and early 70’s that it became Highway 420. I think Roberts St and Newman Hill are what you are on when you drive through the lights at Stanley Ave and drive down the hill to the Rainbow Bridge.

    Looking to improve traffic congestion near Rainbow Bridge

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    From the St Catharines Standard:

    It can be a driver’s traffic nightmare – getting to or from the Rainbow Bridge and having to use Falls Ave, Roberts St. or Bender Hill.

    There’s no easy way in or out, and when combined with tourists who might not be sure where they are going, it compounds the problem.

    Niagara Region has looked at this issue and conducted an environmental assessment study to assess alternative ways of improving access from the Rainbow Bridge to the Niagara Falls tourist area.

    Another street name change

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    A while ago it was announced that Roberts St would be renamed to Falls Avenue. Well, Falls Avenue also continues on straight from where it is now, so this doesn’t really make sense. To fix it, there is a proposal to change the name of Falls Avenue beyound the 420 (up to John St as Blondin Ave

    Niagara Falls road with three names could soon just have one name

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    A road with three names could soon have just one in downtown Niagara Falls.

    Regional council’s public works committee has recommended letting the city rename Roberts St. and Newman Hill to Falls Ave., matching the stretch of road running through the city’s tourist area.

    What about Victoria Ave, Ferry St, and Lundy’s Lane?

    Steering in the right direction

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    A Niagara Falls councillor wants to steer visitors in the right … or left direction.

    Coun. Wayne Thomson wants the city, the Region, the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission and the Ministry of Transportation to work together to allow motorists who cross the Rainbow Bridge to be able to make left hand turns onto Falls Ave.

    As it stands now, motorists leaving the bridge are forced onto Roberts St. and Highway 420.

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