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    Moses still on meandering detour

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    From the Buffalo News:

    The Robert Moses State Parkway, hailed a half-century ago as a marvel of modern highway engineering that would give millions of motorists a new perspective of the Niagara River and its famous falls, may have become a road to oblivion.

    The objective was to provide a fast, efficient and safe way for people to drive rapidly along the river’s edge and enjoy its spectacular views without having to dodge pedestrians or worry about cross-street traffic.

    It was a way to open the river’s vistas to drivers and passengers who otherwise may never have been able to find a place to park, and it was free of charge.

    The idea of a limited-access, scenic parkway with wide, sweeping curves that wound right through the state park at the brink of the American Falls seemed like an idea whose time had come in the mid-20th century. And it was named in honor of the state’s master builder of the time: Robert Moses.

    But a growing chorus of detractors has formed over the last few decades calling for change — and in some cases demolition — of all or some of the parkway, and state officials again are considering what to do about it.

    Feb. 10, 1961: Moses Parts the Waters at Niagara

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    From Wired.com:

    Niagara Falls is a beautiful marvel of nature indeed, but urban planners were more interested in the falls’ potential to generate copious amounts of electricity.

    Of course, to produce power, the project needed a reservoir with a pumping plant, which would require land. Robert Moses, a famously elitist urban planner, didn’t wish to burden the white residents of Lewiston, New York, with taxes and an enormous construction project. So for four years, he fought the Tuscarora Indians for their land instead.

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