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    Artificial rink at Fort George ‘coolest place in town’

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    This isn’t about Niagara Falls specifically, but a lot of people to visit Niagara Falls do end up travelling over to Niagara-on-the-lake.

    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Parks Canada thinks the outdoor skating rink at Fort George is the coolest place in town.

    It certainly boasts lots to back up the claim, offering free skating seven days a week, a building with a concession stand where skates can be rented, hot chocolate and other treats to enjoy around the fire pits, chairs and bales of straw providing seating, and twinkling lights and decorated trees to contribute ambience to a great outdoors experience.

    Thanks to Vintage Hotels, the skating rink has been built with chillers, so the ice will stay frozen in temperatures up to 15 degrees Celsius – it’s expected to last into March.

    A few “Rink at the Brink” pictures

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    On Saturday I walked down to the “Rink at the Brink” to take a few pictures. It was around 1 pm, and there were about 15 people skating. I had read the article in the Review about the fences, and they’re right! It is very difficult to actually get in.

    This first picture shows the fences, and that they run along the road separating the rink from the public. It also shows all of the empty land that people have to walk across in order to get to the rink.

    This picture shows the side of the rink, with the “windows”. Apparently they open/roll them up sometimes.

    Here you can see inside the rink.

    Here is the entire rink enclosure, as seen from across the street.

    Here is a panorama of the area from the Falls to the rink.

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