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    Setting up for Nik Wallenda – lots of TV trucks and lots of wires (and lots of photos)!


    For the last couple of days there has been lots of work going on along the Niagara Parkway down to Table Rock Place. There are a LOT of trucks with a LOT of equipment for the TV production. There are barriers being put in place, security and police officers around, and more. It is kind of exciting. There seems to be some “electricity” in the air, and there are more and more people around. There were also a couple of very cool look helicopters around yesterday.

    The wire was put in place late Tuesday afternoon. It also looks like there are some smaller wires that will have cameras attached to them. It should make for great TV!

    I’m still undecided about whether I’m heading down to watch or not. I really want to be there, but there will probably just be too many people. My kids want to see it, but if I want to be able to park somewhere, I’m going to have to get there around 4-5 pm. Then what do we do for the next 5 or 6 hours? Plus, it may take an hour or two just to get out of the city once it is all over. I just don’t see any way around that, so we’ll have to decide if it is worth it or not.

    Body Found at Cave Of The Winds

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    From WKBW Channel 7 in Buffalo:

    New York State Park Police officers responded to a call at 11:10 a.m, of a body found floating in the lower Niagara River at the Cave of the Winds.

    Also seen at:

    Hafen to the rescue, again

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    From Niagara This Week:

    A Niagara Falls helicopter pilot once again swooped into action after two New York State Parks Police officers were reported stranded in the Niagara River waters above the Horseshoe Falls.

    The Niagara Parks Police Service received a call shortly before 6 a.m. on Saturday mroning, with reports that a New York State Parks Police vessel was in distress above the Horseshoe Falls. The officers had been responding to reports of another vessel in distress in the heavy fog, when they began to experience difficulties themselves. The NYSPP vessel had provided assistance to the private boater and then needed help themselves.

    In the darkness, the NYSPP officers were unsure where they sat in relation ot the brink of the falls, and used emergency measures to keep the vessel in place until a possible rescue or until sunlight
    Ruedi Hafen, owner of Niagara Helicopters, was called to the scene after attempts for a land rescue were unsuccessful.

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