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    Choose safety over a pretty picture

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    From the Toronto Sun:

    Why do people think it’s safe for their children to lean over the railing and tempt the Horseshoe Falls?

    Just because it’s a great picture?

    Just steps from where a teen went over Sunday, a little girl of 2 1/2 leaned over the edge of the falls Tuesday and laughed as the spray hit her face.

    I have covered a lot of death; it just didn’t look safe to me. Just one slip here or a gust of wind there and who knows.

    What if she decided to climb over this barrier? There would not be time to stop her.

    The Traveling Camera: Niagra Falls

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    From The Source Weekly (including a nice picture):

    Niagara Falls is one of those places where you can forget its beauty because the falls are surrounded by cheesy attractions in Canada and by rather squalid urban areas on the American side. But the falls are still impressive.

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