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    Restaurant week on tap for Lundy’s Lane

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    NOTE: I know I’m late on this one, but there are still a few days left of “restaurant week”

    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    As the Lundy’s Lane business community prepares for another Fall Restaurant Week, it’s also excited about future streetscape improvement plans for the busy area.

    David Jovanovic, project administrator for the Lundy’s Lane business improvement association, said between Oct. 12-26, 13 restaurants will offer two or three-course, price-fixed lunches and dinners.

    A number of establishments will also offer express lunches at one, low-fixed price for the diner who does not have a lot of time, he said.

    “We’re expecting in excess of 7,000 (patrons) for this upcoming event, so it’s growing,” said Jovanovic, adding Lundy’s Lane also offers a Winter Restaurant Week in February.

    FREWIN PART TWO: Magician can make crowds appear

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    The whiff of free magic and being on TV has them lining up early.

    The show doesn’t start until 6:30 p. m., but by 5 p. m. the lobby is already starting to fill up at the Greg Frewin Theatre. Before they enter, they’re greeted by a sign telling them they will be filmed tonight: “If you attend this event, your image may appear in the production and you hereby give consent to the use of your image.”

    For many, that’s the reason they’re here. Two kids decked out in Greg Frewin T-shirts have already seen the show. But mention being on TV, and their eyes light up.

    Frewin’s CBC special will take three weeks to film, and this is one of the biggest nights. A good crowd is crucial. A good-looking crowd is equally important. Organizers seat some of the more ‘camera friendly’ patrons near the stage, where they’re more likely to be filmed.

    Hats and shirts with corporate logos are a no-no. A greeter asks everyone to smile. A lot.

    Oh, and don’t look at the cameras.

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