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    Old photo of Niagara Falls and Niagara Parkway

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    I’ve had this photo of a photo sitting around for a while and just realized I hadn’t posted about it.

    Last year while my family was having a long weekend up in Buckhorn, Ontario, we went into Bobcaygeon. My parents like to look at antiques, so we went into a store that they had been to before. Near the front door was this beautiful old picture of Niagara Falls. In the corner it shows “Copyrighted by T. Francis King, Buffalo, N.Y.”



    I don’t know who T Francis King was, but I did find that a similar photo is available to be viewed on the Library of Congress website. They suggest it is from around 1913.

    Although it would have been cool to own, I didn’t feel like paying $25 for it, so it may still be there.

    Two sides of Niagara Falls

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    From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

    Are you going to the Canadian side? You must go to the Canadian side — it’s much better!

    Just about every time I mentioned that my family and I were planning a trip to Niagara Falls, that was the response. I was taken aback because I’d always thought of Niagara Falls as an American, not Canadian, icon, similar to Mount Rushmore, replete with both grandeur and kitsch. And then there’s its reputation as a classic — OK, clichéd — American honeymoon destination.

    The theme running through comments from friends-in-the-know seemed to be that the American side was too full of schlocky tourist traps, chain restaurants, casinos and even urban blight. So we departed Winona for Niagara with this question in mind: Is the Canadian side really superior?

    Wanting to make the most of our two-day experience, that’s where we headed first, with plans to visit the American side on Day Two. Niagara Falls actually consists of three waterfalls — the American Falls, the relatively tiny Bridal Veil Falls, and Canada’s Horseshoe Falls, which is about twice as wide as the American Falls. The entire panorama lay before us, with what looked like toy boats motoring along in a large, oval pool. Nice. Now I was really eager to see them up close.

    Digital Photography School – Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls

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    Digital Photography School has a forum where people can post tips, projects their working on, etc and someone recently posted a panorama of Niagara Falls. Note: You have to be registered to see the picture, but not to view the comments.

    My first attempt at panorama
    photoshop did such a great job that I did not have to do any
    post procesing at all.
    Exposure blend came out perfect
    Camera was set on aperture priority
    What do you think?

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