Natural Wonder: Niagara Falls Quiz

From All that majesty, power and water didn’t stop Oscar Wilde from quipping about Niagara Falls being the second disappointment in the married life of many American brides who spend their honeymoon there, after he visited it in 1882. Can’t please everyone? Take this quiz to see how much you know about the natural…

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The story of the Niagara River: The water wonder of the world

From the Globe and Mail: Oscar Wilde, Richard Nixon, Pierre Trudeau, Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, Shirley Temple, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Charles Blondin, Wild Bill Hickok, Laura Secord, H.G. Wells, Charles Dickens, Helen Keller, Sir Harry Oakes, Jimmy Stewart, Princess Diana … Bit characters all – in a story in which the main character has…

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Take a fall with Canada’s wonders

From the Australia News Network: There’s something mesmerising about the thunder of the water as it slips off the edge of the cliffs in an incessant display of nature’s power. Niagara Falls is far from the world’s highest waterfall, but ranks among the most famous, thanks to its sheer accessibility. It has been a must-see…

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