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    Review: Niagara Falls from Broken Habit

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    About a month ago I posted about a new play about Niagara Falls that is being performed in New Orleans. Here is some more info…

    From the Gambit:

    If Samuel Beckett were alive today, he might focus a play on an American treasure transformed into a tourist trap and toxic waste dump. But the message of Niagara Falls, presented recently by Broken Habit Productions at Theatre at St. Claude, is a more dismal existential vision…

    Niagara Falls tells the story of a city destroyed by neglect, poverty and pollution, which could describe many urban environments abandoned by industry and left to deteriorate. Its suburb, Love Canal, is reeling from an environmental disaster resulting from the construction of homes and schools on land where chemical waste was dumped. Love Canal residents develop leukemia, and their neighborhood is demolished.

    Niagara Falls always amazing

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    From the Oneida Daily Dispatch:

    On Sunday, I had company in from New Orleans and they wanted to take a trip to Niagara Falls.

    They had never been there, and I hadn’t visited since I was 12 years old.

    I had forgotten how long that drive is, past Buffalo.

    But, it was a fun trip nonetheless.

    Multi-Talented Harry Connick Jr. Debuts at Fallsview in September

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    From a PR Newswire press release:

    Fallsview Casino’s stellar concert line up for September includes separate performances by multi-talented Harry Connick Jr. and country music sensation Reba.

    Since his first public performance at age five, New Orleans native Harry Connick Jr. has grown to become a highly-acclaimed entertainer in music, theatre, film and television. The three-time Grammy award-winner, two-time Emmy award-winner and Tony award-nominee makes his debut at Fallsview Casino, engaging audiences for two nights in September.

    Source: PR Newswire (http://s.tt/1dlr9)

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