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    10 Great Day Trips For Families

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    From Huffington Post Canada:

    Summer vacation is upon us and many families are planning their next great adventure. Excitement can be found close to home as our great nation boasts many amusement parks, natural wonders and exciting museums right on travellers’ doorsteps.

    Travelocity.ca suggests these 10 Great Canadian family trips that will help make 2011 the most memorable summer vacation.

    Niagara Falls is #2. There seems to be 12 places to visit, and they are only a day trip if you live near them.

    A Dream Trip For A Dying Man Fulfilled

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    From Philly 57 The CW:

    Niagara Falls; one of the world’s amazing natural wonders. Joe Camarota always wanted to see them and now, from his porch in Ventnor, he thought he might not ever get the chance.

    There isn’t much time left.

    Joe tells me, “Not a whole lot, I don’t like to tell the family but not a whole lot.”

    Joe is 65 and has emphysema.

    On oxygen constantly, he’s been in and out of the hospital for months. It got so bad in January, a priest actually gave him last rites.

    His daughter Denise Brasher says “he’s the best dad in the world, he’s my best friend.”

    After that, Denise wanted to grant her dad’s wish of seeing the falls and to make some special memories for her son, Ethan.

    Niagara Falls still hot attraction

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    From the Williamsport Sun-Gazette:

    For some perspective, a short history lesson: the British Colonies declared independence in 1776. The constitution of Canada took effect in 1867. Niagara Falls? This geological formation has attracted tourists for four centuries.

    Not only is it one of the most well-known natural wonders on Earth – and the largest producer of electric power in the world – but its multitude of century-old stories is legend. Looking past the outward beauty of it all, the falls offer a sense of history.

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