Marineland and OSPCA continue sparring

From the Niagara Falls Review: It didn’t take long for Marineland and the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) to renew hostilities. A week after 11 charges of animal cruelty filed by OSPCA against the park were dropped in a Niagara Falls courtroom, the two sides were once again chirping at…

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Marineland demonstrations won’t go away, activist says

From Niagara This Week: “We’re never, ever leaving.” So said local activist Mike Garrett as hundreds gathered outside Marineland in a bid to draw attention to what they see as mistreatment of the park’s animal charges. And it was a case of going back to the future as demonstrators gathered on Labour Day for the…

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Former trainer blasts Marineland conditions

From the Niagara Falls Review: Leaving Marineland broke Phil Demers’ heart. But he had to do it. The 34-year-old animal trainer left Marineland after 12 years, and has gone public with allegations of deplorable water conditions and mistreatment of animals by his former employer. Demers said he made the decision to leave in May and…

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