Marineland Canada Mournfully Reports The Passing Of Our Beloved Beluga Whale Gia

From the Marineland Blog: Marineland Canada has received preliminary necropsy results on, Gia, a beluga whale who has called Marineland home since birth. Gia passed away suddenly at Marineland. Up until her passing, Gia appeared happy, healthy and a well-adjusted member of her pod. Gia was taken care of by a dedicated marine mammal care…

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How Marineland Is Using the Law to Silence Protestors

From the Huffington Post: Even if you don’t care about beluga whales or how animals are treated in captivity, you may still be interested in what’s happening at Marineland. In this age of widespread protest — from the Occupy Movement to the Québec student protests to the Arab Spring — Marineland reminds us that it…

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Marineland lawsuit accuses former trainer of plotting to steal walrus

From the Toronto Star: Marineland has sued former trainer Phil Demers for trespassing on the park’s property, claiming he also schemed to steal Smooshi the walrus. The $1.5 million suit against Demers, who worked as a senior marine mammal trainer, says he unlawfully stormed the park during a live stadium show on closing day last…

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