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    Explore New York State: Spots that will take your breath away

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    From Newsday:

    Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Long Island and New York City make up only a tiny fraction of the state we call home.

    Sure, the city has impressive views and lovely parks and Long Island’s got some great beaches, but its the rest of New York that will take your breath away.

    Head north for incredible mountain ranges; west for spectacular waterfalls and gorges; east for bluffs overlooking the ocean…

    Straddling the border between the U.S. and Canada, Niagara Falls actually consists of three waterfalls: Horseshoe, American and Bridal Veil. While not quite as tall as some other falls around the world, it’s the volume of water that make these drops so spectacular. More than 6 million cubic feet of water per minute flow over the crests at peak time.Take advantage of the trip way up here (about 400 miles from Manhattan) and explore nearby Buffalo.

    Labor Day at Niagara Falls

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    From the Long Island International Travel Examiner:

    Make a run for the border (the other one) to get away this holiday weekend. The Ontario side of Niagara Falls has many popular restaurants, bars, attractions and, of course, those Falls. (Do you know there are several different ones?)

    When I drove there in July, it took approximately 9 hours from mid-L.I., but I stopped a couple of times and got lost in the Bronx.

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