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    Great Canadian Midway renovations are done


    The renovations that were being done in the Great Canadian Midway on Clifton Hill seem to be done now. There are more signs for Wendy’s inside the midway, new flashing blue/red/white lights going around half the midway, new sign above the redemption area, and a brand new ride. There is used to be a motion simulator there, but it has been replaced with a newer/better one, called XD Theater. It takes up less room, and you can actually see it before it starts. It looks pretty nice. I haven’t been on it yet, but look forward to it.

    Niagara Falls displays dazzling light shows in winter

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    From USA Today:

    You can’t take a boat ride into the roar and spray of Niagara Falls in the winter, but this time of year offers a different spectacle: Nighttime illumination of the falls in a changing array of colors – red, white, blue, purple, orange, amber and green.

    In spring and summer, the colored lights shine for just three hours, but with less daylight in winter, curtains of color wash over the falls each night for up to seven hours.

    Crowds gather along the sidewalk and railing on Niagara Parkway to see the show as mist rises from the falls and basin in front of them; others watch from the windows of hotels and restaurants on the Canadian side.

    CAA Winter Niagara Festival of Lights & Winter Events Illuminate Niagara Falls

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    From a press release seen on Hospitality Net:

    Niagara Falls welcomes the winter season with Canada’s largest illumination festival, the CAA Winter Niagara Festival of Lights. Running until January 31, 2011, the Niagara festival captures the magic of the holiday season turning Niagara Falls into a winter wonderland with over three million sparkling lights along a 5 km route. And on Friday nights in December, visitors can enjoy spectacular fireworks, including an extravaganza on New Year’s Eve. Other unique Niagara Falls events taking place during the festival include a Santa’s Village Candlelight Stroll and the popular TD Rink at the Brink.

    Mickey set to flip the switch

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    The leaves have fallen, the pumpkins are gone and the Christmas decorations are out of storage.

    But around Niagara Falls, the season doesn’t formally start until Mickey Mouse says so.

    The Disney icon will once again flip the switch Saturday night at Queen Victoria Park to get the 28th CAA Winter Festival of Lights underway. In a flash, more than 125 displays and three million lights will dazzle the city, making it one of North America’s largest lights festivals.

    “It kind of officially turns the city into winter mode,” says festival general manager Dino Fazio. “It certainly drives a lot of overnight tourism (this weekend) … that’s when we start to see people showing up.

    “They’ll come on a regular basis. There are those that come now but also want to see (the lights) when the snow falls as well.”

    Getaway Guy: Nightmares Getaway

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    The Getaway Guy from YNN channel 9 out of Rochester has a report about Nightmares Fear Factory (including a video):

    You’ll walk down pitch black hallways following a series of red lights making your way through a labrynth of scares and surprises. You are not alone in there! If you need to leave and can’t take it, yell ‘Nightmares’ and you will be escorted to the safety of the lobby. Don’t’ feel bad. You’ll simply be added to the long list of those that have ‘chickened out’.

    Council guarantees loan for Winter Festival of Lights

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    The lights will stay on this winter after city council agreed to guarantee a $400,000 line of credit for the Winter Festival of Lights its manager said was needed to pay its outstanding bills.

    The finance department staff opposed the move, saying the city shouldn’t act as a bank for community groups.

    Festival manager Dino Fazio said without city support, he would have to “drastically alter the festival or certainly look at its demise.”

    Winter Festival of Lights Turns Niagara Falls into a Winter World Wonderland


    From a PR Web press release seen on Yahoo! News:

    Long winter nights are welcome in Niagara Falls when over 3 million lights and hundreds of glittering displays will cast a colourful glow across the city. Matching their brilliance is a star-studded season of entertainment that includes the November 12 Niagara Falls Comedy Fest, Christmas Concerts by Loretta Lynn and the Gatlin Brothers, and for the whole family, the magical Chronicles of Narnia at the new Queen Street Theatre in a revitalized downtown Niagara Falls, all perfect for a Niagara Falls vacation.

    Light/sign problems on Falls Avenue

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    I don’t post this as any sort of criticism. I can only imagine how hard/costly/time consuming it must be to keep everything working in tip top shape. I just happened to notice this the other day, and figured I’d post about it.

    There were lots of lights/signs that need some work on Falls Avenue:

    20090821_falls_ave_lights_01The letters in the Sheraton sign at the top of the hotel are cracked

    20090821_falls_ave_lights_02The C in Crowne Plaza is out

    20090821_falls_ave_lights_03The N on one side of the tower is out

    20090821_falls_ave_lights_04Part of the Hard Rock Cafe sign is out

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