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    Premier: Niagara highwire bid ‘exciting’

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    From Canoe.ca:

    Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty called Nik Wallenda’s bid to walk across Niagara Falls on a highwire an “exciting proposal” that warrants consideration from the agency that oversees the Canadian side of the falls.

    But the premier stopped short of saying whether or not his government would overrule the Niagara Parks Commission if it denies Wallenda’s request.

    “It’s an exciting proposal, but the responsibility rests with the commission,” McGuinty said at a provincial Liberal party meeting in Niagara Falls on Saturday.

    McGuinty then turned his support for the commission’s decision-making process into a comedy bit of sorts, seizing on the obvious pun.

    “They’re going to have to decide on that, so when I speak to the issue I have to speak about it in a balanced way, and I have to walk a fine line,” the premier joked, eliciting a faint groan and a few laughs from the reporters. “Get where I’m coming from on this?”

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