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    “Top 10 Surprising Facts about Landmarks”

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    This past Tuesday (February 17, 2015), the Top 10 list on The Late Show with David Letterman, Niagara Falls was mentioned. The list was a collection of funny (but obviously untrue) facts regarding landmarks. #9 had to do with Niagara Falls:

    Niagara Falls was a gift from France

    Note: If you follow the link to the Top 10 page I mentioned, you can do a search. I searched for the single word “niagara” (without the quotes) and there were 3 other lists that mentioned Niagara Falls.

    Niagara Falls, CN Tower among landmarks to announce royal birth

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    From CTV News:

    The birth of the royal baby isn’t just a major affair for Brits. Commonwealth countries like Canada and New Zealand will also fete the arrival of the littlest heir at major landmarks such as Niagara Falls and the Kiwi Sky tower.

    In Toronto, Canada, the public will learn about the sex of the baby right away when they turn towards the skyline and see the CN Tower light up blue, for boy, and pink, for a girl. The grand announcement will flash for eight minutes.

    Another major Canadian tourist destination, Niagara Falls, will do the same, letting visitors know about the baby’s arrival by throwing a light show in blue or pink.

    Power of thought to control Niagara Falls lightshow


    From TGDaily.com:

    Visitors to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver next week will be able to control lightshows at major landmarks by the power of thought alone.

    Toronto-based InteraXon has invented a headset that picks up the user’s alpha and beta waves and translates them into commands.

    “We’re like interpreters fluent in the language of the mind: our system analyses the frequency of your brainwaves and then translates them into a control signal for the computer to understand,” says the company.

    The system will be used to control lightshows at Toronto’s CN Tower, Ottawa’s Parliament buildings and Niagara Falls.

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