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    Marineland: At Niagara Falls attraction, it’s business as usual

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    From the Toronto Star:

    The crowd before her roars as Buttercup waddles onto the stage on this late Wednesday afternoon at Marineland’s King Waldorf’s Stadium. The centre of attention, the 900-kilogram walrus twists around and wags her flippers at her trainer’s call, sending people in the nearly packed bleachers clapping and cheering even louder for more.

    Despite a protest that saw some 400 people gather outside its gates just days before, business at the embattled Niagara Falls tourist spot was booming, as sunscreen-covered children and their parents flocked toward amusement rides and marine attractions.

    The Circus “NO SPIN ZONE”: Vintage Marineland and Game Farm


    Someone with a Blogger blog has posted about some early memories of Marineland (including a couple of pictures):

    …in my opinion John Holer has made two horrendous mistakes in building his empire and getting rich. Above is the Marineland stadium in the late 70’s when it was known as the Wade Burck Stadium. Below is the same stadium in 2008, only the name has been changed to the King Waldorf Stadium, because of some goofy “fish” with tusks. Big, big blunder and I’ll tell you why. …

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