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    Johnny Peppers (destroyed by fire) finally demolished

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    This building on Ferry St was the former location of Johnny Peppers restaurant. There was a fire several years ago and half the building was destroyed. There was a for sale sign on the lot for a long time, and then yesterday I noticed that it was being demolished.

    The Niagara Falls Review also has an article about it.

    Johnny Peppers is a restaurant


    Ok, maybe I’m a bit slow here, but for some reason I thought that Johnny Peppers was going to be another bar/club like Cantina Charlies. However, apparently it is a restaurant. They recently put up the smaller text up on the building that says:

    • Great Italian Grill
    • Wood Fired Pizza and Deli

    New Johnny Peppers sign up


    There work on the outside of the new Johnny Peppers on Victoria Avenue (or is it Ferry St at that point? I cna never keep that straight) seems to have slowed down. I assume there is more work going on inside. The only recent change to the outside has been the addition of a sign in the last week or so.

    I commented over a month ago that I couldn’t believe they weren’t open yet. They certainly don’t look like they’ll be open for Labour Day, so when are they going to open? It seems odd to have all this work done over the summer for them to open in the fall or winter.

    Cantina Charlies Niagara Falls to reopen as Johnny Peppers

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    The fomer Cantina Charlies Niagara Falls location on Ferry St is undergoing some renovations. There is a liquor license notice on the window, and apparently the place will reopen as Johnny Peppers.

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