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    How Marineland Is Using the Law to Silence Protestors

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    From the Huffington Post:

    Even if you don’t care about beluga whales or how animals are treated in captivity, you may still be interested in what’s happening at Marineland. In this age of widespread protest — from the Occupy Movement to the Québec student protests to the Arab Spring — Marineland reminds us that it is not just governments that may seek to silence their critics.

    Marineland, a marine mammal park in Niagara Falls, Ontario, was the subject of an investigative series by the Toronto Star last year. The series was based in part on allegations by former employees, of abuse and mistreatment of animals. Marineland has denied and responded to the allegations, and is suing the Star as well as several of the former employees. Marineland has also set its sights on protesters and activists who demonstrate outside the park — launching lawsuits against at least two protestors — and has gone to Ontario courts for injunctions to order that protestors refrain from certain activities.

    Singer who sang Marineland jingle says she’s ‘shocked’ by allegations of animal neglect at Marineland

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    From Bullet News Niagara:

    Juno Award-nominated singer Suzie McNeil, who sang the catchy jingle used in the familiar Marineland commercials, says she’s “shocked” by the allegations of animal neglect as made public in an investigative series published Wednesday and Thursday in The Toronto Star.

    In a statement sent to Bullet News by her publicist, McNeil goes on to say she wants to further investigate the claims made by former employees who claim substandard conditions have made some sea mammals sick.

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