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    1938: Disaster over Niagara Falls

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    I came across this today, and had never heard it before. I’ve obviously heard of the event that led to the destruction of the Honeymoon Bridge, but I’d never heard a radio broadcast from the day it happened. CBC has a nice archives section and here is the audio for a broadcast that day:

    In a cloud of snow and ice, the great bridge that crossed the Niagara River has collapsed upon itself. Now, all that remains of the Honeymoon Bridge are tangled cable lines, crushed wooden beams and twisted metal. Under the weight of an enormous amount of ice, the bridge’s beams gave way and fell into the freezing water below. In this on-the-scene report, CBC Radio captures the spectacle of the disaster as hundreds of tourists look on in shock.

    NIAGARA DISCOVERIES: Bridges at mighty Niagara Falls

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    From the Niagara Gazette:

    Last week marked the 79th anniversary of the collapse of the Upper Steel Arch Bridge (better known as the “Honeymoon” Bridge). Opened in 1898, it was the third of four bridges Read More…

    Rare Film Of 1938 Niagara Falls Bridge Collapse

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    From WGRZ Channel 2 in Buffalo:

    Jim Grimaldi, a West Seneca, NY based filmmaker and television producer, also operates a business where he’ll take your old home movies and convert them to a modern format.

    Recently, the family of a long ago local dentist named Harold Sipple approached him with a box of 8mm films, some of which dated back to the 1930’s.

    “With that amount of footage I kind of guessed there would be something in there that was kind of historical or maybe even newsworthy,” Grimaldi told WGRZ-TV.

    And indeed, between various and sundry images of Sipple family picnics and beach outings, he found it — in the form of a 32-second clip of the aftermath of the January, 1938 collapse of the Honeymoon Bridge in Niagara Falls.

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