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    Wild Side’s 9 Favourite Places in Niagara Falls

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    From Exclaim.ca:

    Wild Side are a Niagara Falls-based hardcore band who released their debut album, Who the Hell is Wild Side?, in May on Triple B Records. The band are dedicated to the pretty and the gritty sides of their hometown. Vocalist Brandon MacFarlane describes Niagara Falls as “a strange, lovely, dangerous and exciting place,” and shared with us where to find some of those experiences.

    BRADBERRY: Niagara’s rich history, right under our noses, feet

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    From the Niagara Gazette:

    As I’ve said before, and I say again because it bears repeating, talk to almost any senior Niagara Falls, New York resident with a good memory, or any expatriate, anyone who has moved away but who still harbors grand memories of their beloved, albeit forsaken hometown, inevitably the subject of fine cuisine and the city’s grand old days inevitably arise.
    Niagarans of every nationality whether they hailed from Europe, New England or the Deep South, have fond memories of the good food and great places that Niagara Falls was once famous for, beside the Cataracts.

    Magic show preview: The trick to a good magic show

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    This isn’t specifically Niagara Falls-related, but it does pertain to Greg Frewin, so I figured I’d include it. Besides, it has some nice background information about him.

    From Canada.com:

    Greg Frewin got his first magic kit when he was seven years old. It was nothing fancy, just a bunch of simple magic tricks, a magic hat and other paraphernalia to instruct budding magicians about the art of magic. His parents ordered the kit after he saw it advertised on television. Frewin spent hours entertaining his friends in his hometown of Hamilton.

    But it wasn’t until he was 12 and his grandfather took him to Toronto to see Canadian magician Doug Henning that Frewin truly became spellbound.

    “Doug had a big illusion show, and after seeing that show, I told my grandfather that’s what I want to do, I want to be a magician,” said Frewin, 44, in a telephone interview from Niagara Falls, Ont., where he lives and performs. He performs Friday and Saturday at the Theatre du Casino du Lac-Leamy.

    “Up until that point I had never seen a magician do a full, big illusion show on stage. For the most part I had seen the magic tricks my grandfather had shown me and what was in the magic kit. When I saw Henning’s show it was a whole new world, I didn’t know it was something that people did.

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