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    Wallenda’s feat is given monumental recognition

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    From the Buffalo News:

    The tethered steps that Nik Wallenda took on a mist-drenched, 2-inch steel cable across Niagara Falls more than two years ago gave the former honeymoon capital of the world a chance to reclaim a moment in the spotlight.

    But that 26-minute walk before a television audience of more than 10 million also catapulted the daredevil to global fame.

    Last year, he got the chance to walk untethered across a gorge near the Grand Canyon. Later this year, he plans to stride across the top of the Chicago skyline.

    Wallenda’s June 15, 2012, walk from the U.S. to the Canadian side of the falls was remembered Monday with the official unveiling of a monument on Goat Island in Niagara Falls State Park.

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    Local developers,officials take measured steps to lure Wallenda back to Falls

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    From the Niagara Gazette:

    Nik Wallenda might not be the only daredevil around here, although he takes the risks and walks those crazy high wires while crowds watch in awe.

    As he returns to the region this summer for a 10-week stint at Darien Lake, local developers and officials are doing their own type of tightrope walk as efforts continue to find the aerialist a permanent place to perform in the city.

    Faith is what guides Nik Wallenda

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    From Niagara This Week:

    Even after he was initially turned down in his bid to cross Niagara Falls on a high wire, Nik Wallenda said it was his faith that guided him through the entire process.

    “What a journey it was to get permission to walk across Niagara Falls and to be able do that through that process praise the name of Jesus,” Wallenda said. “That’s the only thing I know to do. That’s how I was raised. That’s where I find my peace and my comfort when I’m on that wire.”

    Wallenda was in Niagara Falls Oct. 30 for the annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast at Club Italia.

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    Tightrope Walker Will Attempt Niagara Falls

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    Discovery News has information about the Nik Wallenda walk:

    This month, high-wire artist Nik Wallenda will make the first attempt at crossing Niagara Falls on a tightrope in over 100 years.

    He will use an 1,800-foot long, two-inch wire that will be strung about 200 feet above the base of the Niagara Gorge.

    Nik Wallenda, Niagara Falls officials prepare for June high-wire crossing

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    From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

    The dramatic beauty of Niagara Falls has long shared its stage with powerful episodes of human drama — from drenching rides on the Maid of the Mist to suicidal jumpers.

    The stage gets bigger next month, as aerialist Nik Wallenda attempts to become the first person in more than a century to cross the falls on a high wire.

    The eyes of the world will be watching — the Friday, June 15, event will be televised live from 8-11 p.m. on ABC– and the tourism hopes of a region will be riding on the dramatic event.

    Wallenda may face falcon attack

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    From Niagara This Week:

    Could a Flying Wallenda meet a flying falcon?

    There’s a “good possibility’’ a pair of nesting falcons at Niagara Falls could attack daredevil high-wire walker Nik Wallenda as he attempts a crossing over the famous waterway on June 15, say Mark and Marion Nash, spokespeople for the Canadian Peregrine Foundation.

    Wallenda, a seventh-generation member of the circus and daredevil performers known as the Great Wallendas and the Flying Wallendas, will be crossing right through a major flight path used by the falcons, said Marion Nash.

    Niagara Falls Tightrope Walker: Nik Wallenda Will Become The First In Over A Century

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    From the Inquisitr:

    World renown tightrope walker Nik Wallenda will attempt to walk a high-wire over Niagara Falls, making him the first person to do so in more than one-hundred years. He stated during a Wednesday press conference:

    “This has been a dream for so long, since I was 6 years old.”

    The Niagara daredevil I knew didn’t quit – and it killed him

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    From Buffalo Business First:

    On July 3, 1984, a Czech emigre by the name of Karel Soucek rode in a nine-foot barrel over the cataracts at Niagara Falls, and lived.

    A few months later, on Jan. 19, 1985, a stunt he was performing in the Houston Astrodome malfunctioned and within a day he was dead, the victim of massive injuries.

    I got to thinking about Soucek after reading that Nik Wallenda is still trying to get official permission to walk on a high wire above Niagara Falls. These fellows always come to Niagara Falls, don’t they?

    Wallenda makes high-wire walk case before Canada’s Niagara Parks panel

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    From the Buffalo News:

    After a lifetime of staring down death atop a high-wire, Nik Wallenda on Wednesday faced a different challenge: persuading Canadian officials to let him walk a wire across Niagara Falls.

    Unlike the high-wire acts that made his family famous, Wallenda won’t know for weeks whether this attempt was a success.

    Wallenda on Wednesday presented his wire-walking plan to Canada’s Niagara Parks Commission, which controls the area around the famous cataracts.

    “This isn’t a stunt to me,” Wallenda told the commission. “I’ve been doing this my whole life. This is life to me.”

    The event would draw between 60,000 and 125,000 spectators, depending on the weather, and infuse the economy with up to $20 million, said consultant Michael Harker.

    Niagara Falls is walking its own wire

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    From the Buffalo News:

    The Niagara Falls publicity stunt was born like this: It was September 1827.A group of hoteliers wanted to make a quick buck. So they sent an old lake schooner, filled with terrified animals, over the brink. The spectacle, as planned, drew thousands. Many of the animals died in the plunge.

    It’s 184 years later, and we’re still grasping at ghoulish curiosities at Niagara.

    Famed wire walker Nik Wallenda wants to cross the Horseshoe Falls on his tightrope, and debate over the planned escapade has dominated discussion on both sides of the famous falls for months.

    The stunt, already given the go-ahead by Albany, now hinges on a decision by the Canadians. But whether Wallenda walks or not is beside the point.

    Debate over the high-wire act is a distraction to the real problems that plague Niagara Falls. Blight, unemployment and a worn-out reputation for hucksterism overshadow a natural wonder that is still unique to the world.

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