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    Wallenda walks the walk

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    From Niagara This Week:

    Nik Wallenda has done something no one has ever done before: crossed the Horseshoe Falls on a tight rope wire.

    The seventh generation Flying Wallenda had said crossing the falls had been a childhood dream of his. On Friday night, that dream came true when he completed the stunt across Niagara Falls in just 26 minutes.

    Leaving the American side at 10:15, the 33-year-old began his journey across the wire. After an initial round of cheers for the funambulist, the estimated crowd of 105,000 on the Canadian side became eerily silent as they watched him traverse across the wire.

    Through high winds that caused the wire to sway and swirling mist that had water dripping from the wire, Wallenda walked slowly, with purpose. Throughout the entire trip, he was in direct communication with his father. The ABC coverage of his walk featured snippets of the back and forth between the father and son, including Wallenda thanking Jesus several times.

    Wind damage from Saturday

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    If you live within a few hours of Niagara Falls, you probably experienced some very high winds last Saturday. Occasionally we experience that, but this lasted for 18 hours or so. However, with all of that wind, there was actually very little damage. Other than some small branches around, the only damage I saw was this Greg Frewin booth out from of the Imperial Hotel. The booth blew over.

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