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    World record set in Niagara Falls

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Fast Eddy McDonald is no one trick pony.

    The 49-year-old Hamilton man was in Niagara Falls Thursday in an attempt to break Guinness World Record for the most hop the fence yo-yo tricks in one minute.

    On his second attempt, McDonald completed 145 tricks, breaking the existing record of 144 repetitions set in July 2008 in the United Kingdom.

    “My arm feels like Jello now,” he told the crowd gathered at the entrance to the Guinness World Records Museum on Clifton Hill.

    World Record set on Clifton Hill

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Walter Urban now has the weight of the world off his shoulders.

    Well, not quite the weight of the world, but the weight of a 14-passenger business jet at least.

    As part of CBC’s Sports Day in Canada on Saturday, the Guelph resident set a new Guinness World Record by sumo deadlifting 10,535 pounds in one minute. He accomplished the record on live TV and in front of about 50 people on Clifton Hill, mere footsteps away from the Guinness World Records Museum.

    Meet the seventh-generation tightrope walker who’s taking on Niagara Falls

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    From the Globe and Mail:

    He has hung by his jaw from a helicopter without a safety net. He holds a Guinness World Record for the longest bicycle ride on a tightrope. And this summer, he plans to make history by walking on a tightrope across the Horseshoe Falls in Niagara Falls, Ont.

    “It’s a lifestyle, and if you don’t understand it …” Nik Wallenda says, trailing off. You can almost see the daredevil’s head shake slightly in chagrin over the wire – the telephone kind – from Sarasota, Fla., where he lives in the Circus Capital of the World.

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