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    Wisconsin’s role in Niagara Falls

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    From WXOW in Wisconsin:

    The beauty of Niagara Falls is thanks to the geology of Wisconsin, according to Ray Reser, director of the Natural History Museum at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

    “It’s very cool” he said.

    Reser says geologists attribute Niagara Falls to a massive escarpment, or ridge that runs through Wisconsin, notably at High Cliff State Park near Lake Winnebago.

    “The ledge is one of those amazing little outcrops in Wisconsin that really literally shapes the state” Reser said.

    The escarpment runs nearly 1,000 miles through eastern Wisconsin where it forms the Door County peninsula, Lake Winnebago and the bay of Green Bay. It then moves through Upper Michigan, southern Ontario and enters western New York where is appears as Niagara Falls.

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