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    How much do you think you know about Niagara Falls? Take the quiz

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    This quiz was in the Niagara Falls Review last week, but it is still worth trying. Here are some of the questions, and click through to read them all and see all of the options and answers…

    1. Rounded to the nearest thousand, what is the population of Niagara Falls?
    2. What anniversary is the Niagara Parks Commission’s School of Horticulture celebrating this year?
    3. What is Niagara Falls’ official flower?
    4. Which of these parks is the oldest?
    5. How many lights illuminate the falls each night?
    6. The first person to perform on a tightrope stretched across the Niagara River Gorge was
    7.  Which one of these carmakers once had a glass plant in Niagara Falls?
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