Rooftop roller coaster latest addition to Clifton Hill

From Niagara This Week: Clifton Hill has long been described as ‘carnival-like.’ Cotton candy. Ferris wheel. Go-karts. Pretty soon, you can add roller coaster. Owner Ian Paul calls it the world’s first rooftop coaster, located above the House of Frankenstein haunted house. With installation nearly complete, it now needs approval from the province’s Technical Standards…

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Jamie Kennedy cooking up something different

From the Niagara Falls Review: As iconic Canadian chef Jamie Kennedy speaks, a gigantic ferris wheel rotates outside the window behind him. Down the street is a bonanza of pretzels and candy apples. Keep walking, and there’s a huge Frankenstein bursting through the roof of Burger King munching on a Whopper. Is this really the…

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All quiet on the Hill

From the Niagara Falls Review: The theme-park kitsch of tourist mecca Clifton Hill seems tailor-made for late singing and dancing great Michael Jackson. It’s easy to picture the 50-year-old svelte superstar – who did, after all, live in a virtual amusement park called Neverland – slithering down the incline of the money-sucking street in a…

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