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    Clark Rigging Plays its Part in the Historic Wallenda Walk

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    From Construction Equipment Guide:

    It was a unique event gaining worldwide attention, yet it began in the ordinary way with a visit from a potential customer.

    However, this particular client was planning an extraordinary event.

    Steve Clark, vice president of Clark Rigging & Rental Corporation of Lockport, N.Y., recalled one day that Nik Wallenda of the famous Flying Wallenda aerialist family “walked into our office and said ‘I’m going to walk a wire over Niagara Falls’.”

    “Being prudent and cautious managers that we are, we scratched our heads and thought ‘OK, good luck!’” Clark said.

    How Nik Wallenda’s sister saw his Niagara Falls high-wire walk

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    From the Las Vegas Weekly:

    At this time last week, Lijana Wallenda-Hernandez was feeling a little stressed. There was the water, the height, the mist. There were the cameras, the reporters, the 125,000 Canadians waiting in the dark, the two years of negotiating and changing laws, all leading to this one day: the day her little brother would tightrope walk across Niagara Falls.

    “It was awesome. It was breathtaking to watch,” says Lijana, who took in the stunt at the falls with the rest of the Flying Wallenda tightrope-walking clan. “It was also very nerve-wracking. I would rather have been the one up there than watching him do it.”

    Niagara Falls Tightrope Walk: Flying Wallenda To Make History

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    From WebProNews:

    When you come from a family of famous tightrope walkers that’s 7 generations long, you tend to look for ways to go bigger and better. It looks like Nik Wallenda has found one.

    This June, he intends to walk a tightrope stretched directly over the waterfall at Niagara Falls–about 1800 feet across and 200 feet from the bottom–between the U.S. and Canada. If he succeeds, he’ll be the first person ever to cross right over the waterfall.

    Governor OKs tightrope walk over falls

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    From the Buffalo News:

    The Flying Wallenda who wants to cheat death with a tightrope walk across Niagara Falls will get his wish, at least with the blessing of New York state.

    Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed legislation today permitting Nik Wallenda’s bid to walk 1,800 feet across the falls on a two-inch wide steel cable.

    Officials on the Canadian side of the falls have yet to signal their final word on the matter.

    In an interview this afternoon shortly after his team was told Cuomo signed the bill, Wallenda said, “For me, it’s as big as it gets. There’s tears in my eyes because it’s a dream come true.”

    Wallenda said if all goes well he is looking at walking across the falls next June. He said he will wait until after upcoming elections in Canada to formally apply with Ontario parks officials. A backup plan, if Canada rejects the plan, is a walk just on the U.S. side of the falls.

    The story was reported in other places as well:

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