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    A courageous rescue is at the heart of the story of the wreck at the edge of Niagara Falls

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    From Canada.com:

    It was a hot August night and thousands of spectators were holding their breath as a young, wounded soldier shimmied out on a thick rope towards two men stranded in the raging Niagara River just above Horseshoe Falls.

    Large floodlights were quickly installed so everyone could watch the dangerous rescue attempt. William “Red” Hill, just back from the trenches of W.W. 1 where he had been shot, was being smacked by white water as he went hand-over-hand out to a run-away construction barge that – fortunately – ran aground before plunging over the precipice. Two Chicago construction workers onboard were practically paralyzed by fear and exhaustion.

    Today, 95 years later, the barge still sits there teasing the imaginations of millions of Niagara Falls visitors.

    Marineland’s last-ditch effort to get injunction to keep killer whale fails

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Lawyers for Marineland hoped an 11th hour temporary injunction would block the return of one of its two killer whales to SeaWorld Friday.

    The injunction, however, was denied by a U.S. district court judge and that led to the dramatic transport of the 1,815-kilogram killer whale Ikaika Saturday night.

    More than a dozen police cars, a crane and a number of transport trucks arrived at the Niagara Falls amusement park just after 6 p.m. Floodlights and the crane could be seen from the road as workers removed the male killer whale and lowered him into a waiting transport truck container filled with cold water. Two hours later, the convoy left for Hamilton, where the nine-year-old whale was loaded into a cargo plane outfitted with a holding tank. Ikaika was flown to California and to SeaWorld San Diego, where he was lowered back into a tank Sunday morning.

    “The animal was attended to by vets and other zoological professionals throughout the process,” Fred Jacobs, a spokesman for the Orlando-based SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, wrote in an email.

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