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    Fallsview Casino celebrates Chinese New Year

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    From CANOE Travel:

    When he gets back to Australia, Daniel Whin will be able to tell all his friends about how the Chinese celebrate the new year.

    He was sitting in the restaurant at the Fallsview Casino on Thursday afternoon when he heard some loud drums and decided to see what all the excitement was about.

    In the lobby, five lions and 16 performers were taking part in the traditional Lion Dance parade in celebration of the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit.

    “This was really nice and I got some great photos,” said Whin, who spent two days in Canada and was heading to New York City later in the day.

    A rewarding getaway on a tight budget

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    From the Toronto Star:

    Problem: The family needs a weekend getaway in the middle of a July heat wave, but cash-flow is tight after repairs to our aging minivan.

    Solution: Use our Aeroplan and Air Miles reward points to “get out of Dodge” and bankroll a glorious weekend getaway in Niagara Falls.

    Maybe this isn’t quite as glamorous as converting your travel rewards for a flight to a foreign hot spot in mid-winter. But when the mercury is stuck at 35C in southern Ontario in July, a weekend escape to the Falls is almost as welcome.

    And for two youngsters who had never been there before, this was cause for real excitement.

    Deanna Clohessy: Appreciating Buffalo through a friend’s eyes


    From the Buffalo News:

    …Sunday, we went to Canada to see the Falls — a new experience for Sarah. She kept saying, “I can’t believe I’m in Canada! And I’m finally going to see Niagara Falls!” As we came in on Niagara Parkway, I pointed out the mist rising. She couldn’t get her camera out fast enough. Walking down Clifton Hill, I said, “Hey, look,” and pointed down the hill. It was just a sliver of the American Falls, but I will never forget her face — like a kid on Christmas morning. And I couldn’t wait for her to see the rest. Her excitement, as it had been all weekend, was marvelously contagious…

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