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    Niagara Falls Hotels Get Ready for the Country’s Biggest Holiday Lights Event

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    From a MarketWired press release:

    Few things evoke the holidays as powerfully as a good lights display. And the Winter Festival of Lights at Niagara Falls is about as spectacular as they come. Boasting more than 3 million lights and 125 animated displays, this annual event, now in its 33rd year, will attract thousands of spectators this winter. And offering them a front-row seat to all the holiday magic is the Courtyard Niagara Falls.

    The fun kicks off on November 21 when the Niagara Falls Festival of Lights impresses audiences with an all new lineup of opening ceremonies at Queen Victoria Park. Starting at 6 p.m., the event will include the CHROMATIQUE show (featuring art, music and technology) and a dance performance by the Tin Soldiers).

    Other opening night performances will include the light show LED Danza and the debut of the Fallsview Sound & Light Show. Plus visitors can tour the 5 kilometres of displays throughout the Niagara Parks Winter Wonderland, Dufferin Islands and surrounding areas. (On the Dufferin Islands, visitors are treated to light displays of howling wolves, bears and other wildlife, while a 20-by-35-foot tower of cascading lights almost steals the show.)

    A few photos from the OPG Winter Festival of Lights

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    Last night the family went for a brief drive along the Niagara Parkway to check out the Ontario Power Generation Winter Festival of Lights. It is the first time I’ve seen all of the lights at night. They look excellent. There are a lot more than there used to be.

    One strange thing is related to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There was some kind of promotion/sponsorship because of the movie, and you can get paper/plastic glasses to wear. When you put them on, the lights look like there are ninja turtles around them. Like this:


    I mentioned this to someone and wondered what this had to do with Christmas. The person said that the Disney displays didn’t really have anything to do with Christmas either. Very true.

    Dufferin Islands has some new displays. I made a simple animated gif of one display that shows a bird taking off/flying.


    Along the hill/escarpment by the Skylon Tower, some lights have been put out that flash intermittently, so it looks like the hill is twinkling.

    Here are some other photos I took:

    2014-2015_opg_winter_festival_of_lights_09 2014-2015_opg_winter_festival_of_lights_08 2014-2015_opg_winter_festival_of_lights_07
    2014-2015_opg_winter_festival_of_lights_06 2014-2015_opg_winter_festival_of_lights_05 2014-2015_opg_winter_festival_of_lights_04
    2014-2015_opg_winter_festival_of_lights_03 2014-2015_opg_winter_festival_of_lights_02 2014-2015_opg_winter_festival_of_lights_01

    Setting up for the 2012 Winter Festival of Lights

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    On Friday I was out for a walk, and I took these pictures. They are starting to setup for the 2012 CAA Winter Festival of Lights. At first I thought it was kind of early, but it starts November 3, so they only have 1 month to get everything setup.

    My visit to “Bodies… The Exhibition”

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    Last Thursday I had an opportunity to go to Bodies… The Exhibition at the Niagara Exhibition Centre with my 5-year-old son. Back in February we had seen the BodyWorlds exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre. I was definitely curious to see how the two exhibits were different. I have scanned the promotional leaflet, and you can view it here: 2010 Bodies The Exhibition

    As could be expected from a Thursday at around dinner time at the beginning of June, there weren’t very many people there. There were only around 7-10 cars in the parking lot. I’m not complaining about that, as it was nice to be able to view things without feeling like someone was waiting for you.

    If you haven’t seen either exhibit, there are many bodies on display in various poses. There is a plastination process used that keeps the bodies preserved, but still lets you see “inside” them. The picture below is a great example. It  shows a body posing. You can see the muscles and bones. In this specific example, it is also show various medical prostheses.

    Picture provided by Brunetta Etc! Communications

    The building itself was done up very well. I drive by that place every day, and wondered how it would look. The exhibit is of high quality, and fits well in the building. The only complaint I have is about the unpaved parking lot. On the day I went, it rained, and there were very large puddles that I had to walk around.

    The various bodies show things such as:

    • various diseases
    • how systems such as the central nervous, skeletal, musculature and more work
    • how your body has balance and strength
    • fetal development (with fetuses as small as just a few weeks)

    There were a few exhibits that particularly stood out for me:

    • There was an example of a brain with hydrocephalus. It looked to be from a child
    • The sections that showed how the circulatory system worked were neat. They have arms and legs that look like arms and legs, but the arms and legs aren’t there. All you see are the many arteries filled with blood. Cool!
    • There is one display with a clean healthy lung and then a very dirty smoker’s lung. Between the two of them is a container that you can drop your cigarettes in.
    • As shown in the picture above, the body showing the various medical prostheses and surgical tools was neat

    The largest exhibit is the transverse and sagittal body sections. This is the display where you see the cross section of the body at different locations.

    There were several students walking around the exhibits ready to answer any questions you have. We spoke with a nice young woman who was going to be a nurse. She also happened to be the person who helped us at the touch booth. There you can hold part of a human brain, a baboon brain, a heart, and a pelvic bone.

    My son was not bothered at all by anything that he saw. He giggled (not unexpectedly) at the “butt cracks” and “privates” that he could see, but the displays are very tastefully done. I wouldn’t be embarrassed or concerned about taking anyone to the exhibit.

    As you would expect, there is a small gift shop area that you walk through when you are done. They actually had some pretty nice stuff. My favourites were the line of Giant Microbes by Drew Oliver. These are small stuffed animals, except they aren’t animals. They are in the shape of various cells or diseases. It might sound odd, but they are quite cute. My son really wanted to get one.

    There were also other fun things such as shirts, books, pens (made out of plastic bones), stress balls (in the shape of various organs), and Frozen Smiles ice trays. The prices all seemed quite reasonable.

    I wish I could show you pictures of the exhibits, but unfortunately, there is no photography allowed inside.

    I was fascinated by the BodyWorlds exhibit, and I was still fascinated by this Bodies… The Exhibition exhibit. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t much difference between the two of them, but it was still enjoyable to visit. If you have never seen such an exhibit, or haven’t been in a while, you should definitely check it out.

    Winter Festival of Lights Turns Niagara Falls into a Winter World Wonderland


    From a PR Web press release seen on Yahoo! News:

    Long winter nights are welcome in Niagara Falls when over 3 million lights and hundreds of glittering displays will cast a colourful glow across the city. Matching their brilliance is a star-studded season of entertainment that includes the November 12 Niagara Falls Comedy Fest, Christmas Concerts by Loretta Lynn and the Gatlin Brothers, and for the whole family, the magical Chronicles of Narnia at the new Queen Street Theatre in a revitalized downtown Niagara Falls, all perfect for a Niagara Falls vacation.

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