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    City chips in $350,000 for new falls illumination

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    The city will contribute $350,000 towards a $4-million public-private project that will modernize the illumination of the falls.

    The city will take the $350,000 from what is expected to be an approximately $4.5-million fourth-quarter payment in April from Ontario Lottery and Gaming for hosting two casinos.

    Niagara Falls also has $1.7 million remaining from the $18.4 million it received from the first three fiscal quarters.

    “This is very incredible, state-of-the-art, technology,” Serge Felicetti, the city’s director of business development, told councillors this week.

    Parks to lead marketing group

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Tourism officials in Niagara will speak with one voice as they try to attract more marketing cash to the region.

    Industry groups have agreed on a partnership they hope Ontario will accept as a regional tourism organization.

    The provincial government announced the creation of 13 new tourism regions, including one for Niagara, late last year.

    Agencies in each region were invited to apply to form a new co-ordinating tourism body, which would be responsible for handing out all future marketing dollars from Queen’s Park.

    A week before the March 1 deadline, Niagara’s several tourism groups still hadn’t reached a consensus on who should be in charge.

    That changed late last week, Joel Noden, the executive director of business development for the Niagara Parks Commission, told QMI Agency last week.

    “At this point it looks like there will be only one major submission to the province, which is pretty exciting,” said Noden, whose agency was chosen to temporarily act on behalf of the proposed new Tourism Partnership of Niagara, an indep e n d e nt, non-profit agency that would be run by a board of directors.

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