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    Marineland mourning death of walrus

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Marineland has announced the death of one of its walruses.

    The Niagara Falls theme park says its marine-mammal care team is mourning the passing of Sonja, who died suddenly late Thursday when the park closed.

    In a news release, Marineland said Sonja was under veterinary care for symptoms of an unknown illness, but her death came as a surprise.

    Marineland’s first beluga dies

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    From the Toronto Sun:

    One of the first beluga whales to call Marineland home has died.

    Beyli died in August from what Marineland says was natural causes due to old age.

    In a statement, Marineland said the whale was close to 40-years-old and “was in excellent health until his passing.”

    Choose safety over a pretty picture

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    From the Toronto Sun:

    Why do people think it’s safe for their children to lean over the railing and tempt the Horseshoe Falls?

    Just because it’s a great picture?

    Just steps from where a teen went over Sunday, a little girl of 2 1/2 leaned over the edge of the falls Tuesday and laughed as the spray hit her face.

    I have covered a lot of death; it just didn’t look safe to me. Just one slip here or a gust of wind there and who knows.

    What if she decided to climb over this barrier? There would not be time to stop her.

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