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    It’s a strange way to observe ‘Family Day’

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    From the Niagara Gazette:

    If you were driving anywhere near the border Monday, there’s a chance you observed the traffic lines waiting to cross the international bridges.

    It was, of course , the day for U.S. residents to honor their presidents.

    Meanwhile, in Ontario, it was a holiday called Family Day.

    Canadians seem to have a problem with how to spend their day while Americans can’t agree on how to spell it.

    Supposedly the Ontario holiday was designed for families to spend more time together, either at the Fashions Outlets, Military Road, Town of Niagara, or perhaps sitting in the car for more than an hour to pass through customs.

    September 1-2, 2009 – Journey to Niagara Falls

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    Someone with a Blogger blog posted twice (including pictures and videos) about a recent trip to Niagara Falls (Sep 1 and Sep 2):

    Border crossing in the Canada was less entertaining than last time we were here (we were here last right after 9-11 and the border guard asked Robby what we were going to do in Canada. And in our Southern drawl he said “tourism”-which probably sounded a lot like “terrorism” to the guard. He said “excuse me?” as he was reaching for his gun!…or at least that is the way I like to tell the story). We drove right up Clifton Hill to our hotel. Their website says it is only a block from the falls-well, it is the longest block I have ever been on. It is probably more like 5 blocks but very walkable since the weather is unbelievably perfect. The kids were comfy in the jackets tonight but we were fine without them (especially when pushing the strollers back up the Clifton Hill to our hotel-up the long, long “block”).

    bklynbiblio: Niagara Falls

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    Someone with a Blogger  blog posted about a recent trip to Niagara Falls:

    For those who don’t travel regularly, you may not know this, but crossing international borders isn’t as easy as it used to be. Even the Canadian border patrol was surprisingly annoying. You must have a passport now to enter Canada, and when you do they ask you so many questions: where you’re staying, what you do for a living, whether you brought cigarettes into the country, whether you ever drove a pick-up truck, how often you ate asparagus…things like that. Once we were in, we decided we weren’t moving the car again, so SVH and I never saw Niagara Falls from the NY side. We certainly didn’t miss it, however, because the view from the Canadian side is spectacular.

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    TRAVEL: No delays blamed on new border rules

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    From the Lockport Union-Sun & Journal:

    If you’re a U.S. citizen lacking the proper documentation for that return trip from Canada, don’t panic.

    After all those warnings that you needed to be in full compliance by June 1 — when the new rules took effect — the U.S. Customs and Border Protection has reminded motorists that they will be cut some slack at this point.

    On Monday, when some drivers showed up at the border crossings to re-enter without the proper documents, they were issued small leaflets carrying the headline “NONCOMPLIANT.”

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