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    Young ambassadors for Niagara

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    From Niagara This Week:

    Watching a video of Luke and Emma Jasnich, it’s clear they two kids have an unbridled enthusiasm about all things Niagara.

    And that enthusiasm resulted in Luke, 9, and Emma, 7, playing host to singer/dancer Jordan Francis for a one-day tour of the region’s fun spots, including stops at the Butterfly Conservatory, The Niagara Skywheel and Journey Behind the Falls in Niagara Falls as well as Lock 1 of the Welland Canal in and the beach at Port Dalhousie St. Catharines and the a family cottage at Pleasant Beach on Lake Erie.

    “I really, really enjoyed it. I liked it all,” Luke said.

    Those same sentiments were echoed by Emma.

    “All of it,” she said when asked about what she enjoyed about her day showing Francis the sights.

    The experience for the St. Catharines kids and their family was all being filmed for television for a show dubbed Cross Country Fun Hunt

    Pedaling to Niagara

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    From the Marion Star:

    I’ll agree to most invitations for a bicycle ride, but this one was intimidating. Riding from Lake Michigan to Niagara Falls? Continuing to Lake Placid? Riding with a group that was cycling across the country?

    At the end of this page there is a link to a full write-up about the ride, including more details about the Canada portion.

    Marblehead-bound cross-country cyclist reaches Niagara Falls

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    From the Marblehead Reporter:

    Marblehead-bound cross-country cyclist Jean-Marc Dykes has reached the historic Niagara Falls. The falls are at the 3,600-mile mark of his journey across America to raise awareness and funds for lupus.

    Dykes said the Falls were quite a sight but quickly added that all of America that he has seen from his bicycle has been impressive.

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