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    Marineland cruelty case deferred to Feb.

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Marineland will return to court Feb. 23 to answer to 11 charges of animal cruelty.

    Lawyers for the Niagara Falls tourist attraction requested and received a deferral during a brief appearance Thursday morning at Provincial Offences Court.

    Marineland owner John Holer did not attend.

    Custody of killer whale plays out in court

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    Another great article about the Marinlenad/SeaWorld court case, this time from the Toronto Star:

    Ikaika, an eight-year-old male killer whale at Marineland in Niagara Falls, is the equivalent of a troubled teenager. He is full of sexual energy, has a violent family tree and a pattern of aggressive behaviour that often leaves him swimming alone. Even so, two marine parks are waging a cross-border court battle for custody of the valuable orca.

    A St. Catharines judge recently ruled he be returned to SeaWorld in Orlando, Fla., where he was born in August 2002. The judge’s ruling focused on legal technicalities surrounding the “breeding loan agreement” between the two parks.

    Neither side is speaking on the matter publicly — both declined interviews with the Toronto Star — due to the pending appeal. Marineland repeatedly declined to comment on advice of their lawyers.

    “We stand by our filings in the court record,” said Fred Jacobs, vice-president of communications for SeaWorld, in an email.

    The court files, however, provide a rare glimpse into the dealings of the marine park community, which is notoriously private.

    Jet boats working off town dock again today

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Nearly three weeks after they were given the boot, jet boats will be back running from Niagara-on-the-Lake’s municipal dock this morning.

    An Ontario Court of Appeal judge granted the town a stay Monday in a previous court order banning the controversial tour boats from its dock in Old Town.

    The reprieve is in effect until the court hears the town’s appeal of a St. Catharines judge’s ruling last month that the municipality has been leasing the Melville Street dock illegally to Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours for the past 16 years.

    “We’re certainly pleased that we’ll be able to go back to standard operating procedures for the balance of summer,” company president John Kinney said Monday afternoon.

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