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    Lonely Planet The World: A Traveller’s Guide to the Planet

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    Whenever I go to Costco, I always check out the book section. Recently I noticed a book called Lonely Planet The World: A Traveller’s Guide to the Planet. I checked to see if Niagara Falls was listed, and it was, under the section called Canada.

    Niagara Falls
    Crowded? Cheesy? Well, yes. Niagara is short, too – it barely cracks the top 500 worldwide for height. But come on, when those great muscular bands of water arc over the precipice like liquid glass, roaring into the void below, and when you sail toward it in a mist-shrouded little boat, Niagara Falls impresses big time. In terms of sheer volume, nowhere in North America beats its thundering cascade, with more than one million bathtubs of water plummeting over the edge every second




    Niagara Falls gift certificates available Costco

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    Back in 2009 I posted a picture on Twitter of a gift certificate available at Costco for the Skylon Tower. The other day when I was there a took a few more pictures. There are a few more options if you are looking for deals on Niagara Falls restaurants or passes. You can buy $100 worth of Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville or Remington’s for $80. Getting 20% off isn’t bad! There is also something called a Power Pass which seems to offer you admission to a lot of attractions.

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