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    U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer To Canada – Be A Good Neighbor And Add More Border Agents – It’s a Win-Win

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    From NiagaraAtLarge.com:

    U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer met with the new Canadian Consul General Phyllis Yaffe and Canadian Ambassador David McNaughton this December 1st and urged them to immediately address staffing issues that are causing long wait times at all international border crossings between Buffalo and Canada including the Peace Bridge.

    Schumer said wait times this past summer got out of control because of a lack of available CBSA agents, and this lack of border agents could cause further delays during the upcoming busy holiday travel season, especially as construction begins on the Peace Bridge, reducing travel to one lane.

    U.S. diplimoat assures regional tourism leaders on border crossings

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    From Hotel Online:

    An American diplomat reassured regional tourism officials Thursday that tighter border-crossing requirements due to take effect June 1 will not impede the flow of travelers and their dollars to and from Canada.

    Not everyone attending the fourth annual Binational Tourism Alliance was convinced. Some fretted that a looming flu pandemic, combined with heightened border security, could spell trouble for the trade.

    Washington “is committed to making the border work … to making sure people are not turned away,” said John R. Nay, U.S. consul general in Toronto.

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