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    Famous Niagara Falls fountain still a tourist attraction 166 years later?

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    From Insauga.com:

    There is a well-loved and often-visited legacy left behind by the man many considered to the “Founder of Niagara Falls.”

    Just a three minute walk from the Niagara SkyWheel at 883 Falls Ave in Queen Victoria Park is Zimmerman “Fountain Pond,” named that for its large circular shape.

    At the foot of Clifton Hill, the Fountain Pond, shored up by large blocks of concrete, is surrounded by a walkway and in the warmer months, colourful flowers.

    The man who had it build in 1856, Samuel Zimmerman, was one of most prominent businessmen of his time.

    Soggy weather delays completion of Niagara Falls go-kart coaster

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    From Niagara This Week:

    While it looks like a new go-kart coaster attraction at the top of Clifton Hill is nearing completion, Mother Nature has played havoc with getting site race ready.

    The base of the track, including its ascending corkscrew, have been in place for weeks, but wet weather has delayed the pouring of concrete to finish the job, HOCO director of marketing Joel Noden said.

    “There’s been many days where it’s rained or there’s been the threat of rain. There are a lot of slope and curves to the track, so we’ve put off pour days.”

    While it was initially thought the attraction, officially named Niagara Speedway, would open this year, Noden said that probably won’t happen.

    “Realistically, we’re looking at next spring for a launch date.”

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    Concrete work has started at Niagara Speedway go-kart track

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    It looks like the go-kart track is going to be a concrete track rather than asphalt (perhaps that is the standard way to do it… I have no idea). Yesterday they were pouring concrete at the end of the hill. There is also concrete by the building in the middle of the track.

    Niagara Speedway construction photos

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    I don’t have any details for you, but here are some photos from the Niagara Speedway construction area. It looks like the buildings/structures are mostly done, and they are starting to work on the concrete at the track.

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    Ceremony slated for N. Falls tunnel

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    From WIVB Channel 4 in Buffalo:

    The Ontario Energy Commissioner, Chris Bentley, is expected to be on hand for a ceremony next Thursday marking the completion of the new hydroelectric tunnel under the city of Niagara Falls.

    The massive project took six years to complete. Bentley will be there for the last pour of concrete on the project.

    New patio at TGI Friday’s

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    You may recall that in late winter/early spring, the TGI Friday’s on Victoria Avenue was undergoing renovations. The restaurant has re-opened, but they are still working on the outside of the building. Recently they tore up the existing patio and enlarged it. They have rebar down, and just need to pour concrete.

    More progress at Dinosaur Park Adventure Golf

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    For the longest time, the only work that was happening at the future site of Dinosaur park Adventure Golf (behind Niagara SkyWheel on Clifton Hill) was on the big volcano. The only other work I saw was that they started to pour concrete for the holes.

    As indicated previously, I was on vacation for a while, and didn’t make it to Niagara Falls the whole time. Well, I can’t believe how much has been done. Wow! It looks like almost all of the holes have been poured. They’ve also taken out the grassy area and the trees/plants and dug it al up. There is now fencing that goes almost all the way to the back of Canada Trading Company/Tim Hortons. The sign for Dinosaur Park that was in the courtyard area is also gone.

    Convention Centre’s big pour

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Like a carefully choreographed assembly line, the crews worked in unison at a quick pace, each aware that team-work and timing were vital to a positive outcome.

    “This is well-planned out,” said Reg Coates as concrete truck after concrete truck drove into the cavernous exhibition hall at the Niagara Convention and Civic Centre Thursday.

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